ThinForms Chrome Extension

for Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS

Run your Forms Applets from Chrome,
works with Java 1.8, and no need for NPAPI


Open in Chrome Web Store

Oracle Forms
as Stand Alone Application

Run your Oracle Forms Applications as Stand-Alone Application (executable jar or .exe) - without the hassle of different browser & Java versions




Applet-less Solutions
for Oracle Forms

Run Oracle Forms natively on Windows, OSX and Linux. No need for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. No browser - no hassle.

Run your Forms Applications Stand Alone, or directly from Google Chrome, with Java 1.8

Our Products

ThinApplet EXEJar

Convert your Oracle Forms Applications into stand-alone executables & run Oracle Forms on OSX, Windows and Linux without Browser

Is your browser/java version not supported by your Oracle Forms application? Google Chrome is complaining about NPAPI support? Does JInitiator crash your browser? Do you want to use Java 1.8?
Then ThinApplet EXEJar is the tool for you!

  • Run your Forms Applications without Browser, using Java 1.7 or 1.8 (even if the server still uses jInitiator)
  • No more browser incompatibilities or crashes. Run your Forms application with the native Java JRE - on Windows, Linux and OSX
  • Support of old SSLv2 protocol, also under Java 1.8.

ThinForms Chrome Extension

Run your Oracle EBS and Oracle Forms Applications with the latest Chrome Browser

Are you being told you can't run Oracle Forms or EBS from Chrome any more? Lack of NPAPI support, etc etc? Guess what! The ThinForms Chrome Extension allows you to do exactly that:

  • Run your Forms and EBS Applications directly from Chrome
    - no NPAPI required
  • Cookie and SSO support, native EBS login
  • Fixes various Forms Bugs, e.g. TAB key in Database Login Screen
    (simply enable in Extension Options)
  • And its simple - just click here go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Extension.
  • Chrome uses the ThinForms Java Host App to run your Forms Applications - all required files will be downloaded for you by the Chrome Extension. Alternatively, you can directly install the ThinForms Java Host application from here

ThinApplet EXEJar - How it works

Couvert your Oracle Forms Application into an executable jar file in 3 simple steps:

1) Run ThinApplet EXEJar and enter your Oracle Forms URL

2) Click on "Export" and save the generated JAR file

3) Doubleclick the generated JAR file (or run with "java -jar yourapp.jar"). You can also use tools like Launch4j to convert the JAR file into a .EXE prior distribution.

ThinApplet EXEJar


ThinForms Chrome Extension - How it works

In order to run your Forms Applications from Google Chrome, you need 2 main components:

And how does it work?

1) The ThinForms Chrome Extension keeps an eye out for Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS Applets.

2) ThinForms uses Native Messaging to communicate with the Java Host Application

3) The Java Host Application will download (and cache) all Forms JAR files,

4) and then start your Forms/EBS Application

The ThinForms Chrome Extension and the Java Host Application are tightly integrated, and support SSO and cookies (e.g. for Oracle Reports authentication).

ThinForms Screenshot

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