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Forms EXEJar. for Oracle® Forms.
Version 1.7
(Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8)

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TalkingByte® Forms EXEJar allows you to
  • Run your Oracle Forms Applications outside a Web Browser
  • Run most jInitiator Forms Applications with native Java instead
  • Speed up your Forms Application by using bundled & pre-downloaded jar files

How it works:
   1) Run the tool
   2) Enter the Oracle Forms URL you usually use to start your Oracle Forms application
   3) The tool will automatically download all required files from your application server, and
   4) Create an executable JAR file, which will allow you to run your Forms application
       outside your browser.

New in Version 1.4.3: Added option to reload Forms parameters from Forms Server at every application/jar startup (required for 11g/app server farms).
New in Version 1.5.1: Added option to automatically close the (outer) Forms frame/window when the Forms application has exited. Added support for additional .properties file (e.g. for jacob.jar features).
New in Version 1.5.2: Minor fixes (Window close behaviour now aligned with standard forms behaviour).
New in Version 1.5.3: Command line arguments can be passed to generated jar files by using (arg1), (arg2), ... as part of the Oracle Forms URL: e.g.
New in Version 1.6 FormsEXEJar now fully supports SSL!! e.g.
New in Version 1.7 Added option to select a custom application icon (to replace the standard java icon)
  • New in Version 1.8 New option to specify a different client URL through the UI
  Simply download the tool and try it for free (Demo limitations apply):
Downloads (Trials)

Download Forms EXEJar (Trial) for Oracle Forms (.exe file) (Version 1.8)
Download Forms EXEJar (Trial) for Oracle Forms (.zip file) (Version 1.8)

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Forms EXEJar